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With more than two decades of experience in culinary artistry, Executive Chef Adam Polisei’s culinary career began early on, inspired by his great-grandfather; a hospitality industry veteran who immigrated to the United States and earned a living as a chef at the Detroit Hotel.

Born in Clinton Township, Michigan, Polisei spent much of his childhood fascinated by food and intrigued by the restaurant business. “I have always had a natural enthusiasm for being in a kitchen and once I realized that sharing a meal is vital to bringing people together, I knew it was what I wanted to spend my life doing,” says Polisei.

Executive Chef Adam Polisei’s received a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Industry Management from Michigan State University while working at Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub in East Lansing, Michigan.

Shortly after graduation, Polisei joined the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants concept, Mitchell’s Fish Market where he quickly rose through the ranks from broil cook to Sous Chef of the restaurant’s Cincinnati location. From there, Polisei relocated to Florida as Sous Chef of Ocean Prime Tampa and in 2016 and 2019 was named “Executive Chef of the Year.”  Adam Polisei’s other accolades include “Restaurant of the Year” in 2016 and 2018 and being named one of FSR Magazine’s 40 Under 40: Restaurant Stars on the Rise.

A passionate and approachable leader, Adam Polisei understands the value a positive role model can have on up-and-comers in the industry and actively mentors his culinary team.

Executive Chef Adam Polisei prides himself on creating exquisite dining experiences for each guest and finds comfort in knowing how proud his great-grandfather would be of his culinary accomplishments.  Polisei views the opportunity with Next Level Brands Holdings LLC as a chance to show Tampa Bay a culinary experience like no other.

Outside of the kitchen, Adam and his wife Heather enjoy spending time with their daughters Sloane and Scotti.

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Full-service restaurant featuring Roman-style pie varieties, Italian tapas, salads, grain bowls, entrees.

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